As a new season begins, one teacher is making her students "fall" in love with science.

This week’s “My Teacher is Tops” is Casey Dunn at West Laurens Middle School.

“Good morning Mrs. Dunn, you’re this week’s my teacher's tops,” said Junior Journalist Aly Watson.

Dunn is a sixth grade Earth science teacher.

“The whole reason I became a teacher was to have an impact on the kids,” said Dunn.

According to her students, she has had an impact. Conner Childers says Mrs. Dunn has made such an impact on him that he wanted to let everyone know how awesome she is.

“She is a teacher that is rare to get. It is extremely hard to find a teacher that is as nice and as fun as her,” said Childers as he read the letter aloud.

Childers says what he loves most about Mrs. Dunn's class is that they never sit still.

“No matter what it is, Mrs. Dunn makes it fun for us,” said Childers.

Dunn says she tries to be as hands on as possible.

“I want them active. I try not to have them sitting still and not talking,” said Dunn.

Fellow sixth grader Camden Thomas says he enjoys Dunn’s class because of all of the interactive labs she gives them.

“She lets us move around a lot in class,” said Thomas.

Heidi Avery says she has learned important life lessons from Mrs. Dunn.

“Life is going to be a lot like science. You can experiment and try again if something doesn't work out,” said Avery.

Dunn has impacted so many students that she is also the school's teacher of the year.

“This year is probably the highlight of my teaching year,” said Dunn.

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