This week's my Teacher is Tops winner teaches several grades at First Presbyterian Day School.

This is Mrs. Smith's very first year teaching, and she's already made an impression on Kaitlyn Hunnicutt.

Smith teaches classes for sixth, seventh, and ninth graders.

She says her passion for being a mentor inspired her to be a teacher.

"I love working with young people, and I love the atmosphere of the Christian school that I'm at, and I love to influence young people," Smith says.

Kaitlyn Hunnicutt wrote in about Mrs.Casey, and says her passion shines brightly.

"This is her first year teaching at First Presbyterian Day School, and I can tell you she loves it with every bit of her heart."

Hunnicutt says the feeling is mutual.

"Mrs. Casey loves to make her students laugh and smile. Mrs. Casey takes teaching very serious. She can make her students smarter. Our class loves you," she says.

Mrs.Smith was so surprised when we stopped by! Congrats, Mrs.Smith, on being this week's My Teacher's Tops!