This week's My Teacher is Tops has been teaching at the same school for 10 years.

Junior Journalist Trevor Gulley went to the Westfield School in Perry to see what the students had to say about Mrs. Christy Grantham.

Maddox Davies wrote the letter about Mrs. Grantham.

"We do prayer requests in the morning and then we pray," said Davies.

Davies says starting off with prayer gets the students ready for the day.

"It helps the kids to calm down, and to think about what they're doing, and that they're loved no matter what," Grantham said.

Her students say Mrs. Grantham teaches them that their mistakes can make them better.

Mary Blake Brannen says she loves Mrs. Grantham's funny personality.

"She always makes up fun things that we can do, and when there's something hard, she just makes it easier for us," Brannen said.

Brayden Churcher says Mrs. Grantham never gives up on her students.

"She never tells us to stop and just put it away for later," Churcher said. "She always just makes us do it."

Mrs. Grantham has also taught first and fourth grade, but she says third is her favorite.

"I just really like this age because they're more independent, and they're very creative, and they surprise me every day," Grantham said. "They teach me more than I teach them, really."

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