Students are usually scared of getting sent to the principal's office, but at Mary Persons High School, principal Jim Finch squashes those fears by getting out from behind the desk and in front of the whiteboard.

Finch, a principal and seventh period math teacher, usually praises students with a champ shout out. But this week, his student Imani Webb got the chance to return the favor.

"He teaches us everything and always reminds us in class to be the 'champ of the day.' So today, I give you the champ shout out that you've make at the end of the class everyday," said Webb.

He teaches his students about loans, interest rates, investments and other skills they can utilize in the real world post-graduation.

"You can do it in small steps or you can do it big ones," said Finch.

Senior Zane Holliman says being a transfer student was a challenge and that Finch pushed him to be a better person.

"It made me feel more confident about myself. I came from a very small school [Stratford] so whenever I came here it was much larger and more intimidating. Coming here was a big change," said Holliman.

Out of seven classes, Holliman says advanced mathematical decision making is his favorite.

Students like Carmen Ralls say there's a unique friendship between her and her principal.

"I don't consider him as my teacher, I consider him as my best friend," said Ralls.

Finch says being in the classroom changed his perspective from a macro to micro focus.

"When you move into administration, you know a lot more kids and you see a lot more kids, but you don't know them at the depth that you know them in here," said Finch.

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