It's Wednesday, so that means it's time for another week of My Teacher is Tops.

Junior Journalist Chanelle Washington visits Jones County High School for this week's surprise.

Mystee Wilcox is Jones County High School's chorus teacher and her entire class nominated her for My Teacher is Tops.

"Ms. Wilcox is not only a teacher, but a mother to everyone in chorus," one student said. "It's not an exaggeration to say that many of her students call her mom."

"One of Mrs. Wilcox's most stunning attributes is her natural ability to listen and give great advice," another student said. "Students never hesitate to come to her for guidance in an unpleasant situation."

"Mrs. Wilcox is truly a one of a kind instructor from her corny jokes, to her ever present smile, you can't help but enter and leave her room in a great mood," a student said.

Wilcox says it's easy to be a great teacher when you have such great students.

"Something that is distinctively unique about being a music teacher is you usually don't teach students just one year," Wilcox said. "Sometimes you're with them three or four years. You get to experience and enjoy the growth that you see in them as a person, as a musician, and as a student."

Here's a video of the JCHS Chorus class singing a piece from their final concert: