The Macon-Bibb County chapter of the NAACP focused part of its meeting on Friday's deadly shooting of Larry Daniel Matthews.

Sheriff David Davis says Bibb County Deputy Greg Ussery shot Matthews Friday around 3:30 p.m. on Houston Avenue.

Special Agent in Charge J.T. Ricketson says the officer used several non-lethal force before shooting Matthews.

"The beginning of it sets the record for the whole thing," says Macon-Bibb County NAACP President Gwenette Westbrooks.

It is what she says tells the whole story of a fatal shooting involving a Macon officer.

"What kind of trainings are they talking about? They're supposed to have training when they get on the police force and most of them, we get shot,” asked one of the members.

"If the man was already down, was him being shot 3 times, was that necessary?” asked Westbrooks during the meeting.

State Department of Corrections records online say Matthews has served six terms in state prisons since 1982 and was just released in March, but the president of the group, Gwenette Westbrooks, says he shouldn't be judged by his previous charges.

"Just because someone had just got out of prison or had a criminal record don't mean that it happened that time. People look at the fact that you have a criminal record and you have a criminal history and they stereotype you and they actually brand you for life. People change," said Westbrooks.

Members of the group say they are planning a vigil for Matthews.

"But what they wanted to do was just have a place where they can remember him," says member Earnestine Wilson.

Some people at the meeting say they disagree with the officer's response.

"A crime is a crime, make no mistake about that, but I think that it could've been handled better than that. I think at some point, the officer needed to kind of think before they react. It was only lighter for what about a dollar and 15 cents," says NAACP member Gloria Smith.

She says Matthews life was worth more than that.

The group says they plan to hold a vigil for Larry Matthews Wednesday at 6:30 on Colquitt Street.