The American Federation of Government Employees has decided to keep the trusteeship in place at the Local 987 branch in Warner Robins.

The AFGE Local 987 represents more than 15,000 Robins Air Force Base employees and around 3,500 of them are members.

The Local 987 received a letter in August of this year saying the national AFGE Union office would be replacing leadership at the local branch.

In September, there was a hearing to either rescind or ratify the trusteeship that had been put in place. A panel of Union members, appointed by the national president, heard from witnesses about what had been going on at the Local 987.

This month, the national AFGE office sent another letter announcing that the trusteeship had been sustained and would remain in place, according to former secretary Eric Langston.

“The panel conducted the hearing as scheduled and issued its report and decision. The panel ratified the trusteeship,” a portion of the letter reads.

Ray Van Schoubroek is the Trustee currently in charge. The letter was dated October 12, but Langston said he did not have it until last week.

The trusteeship, once ratified, can last up to 12 months, according to the national AFGE office. It is unclear when an election will take place to appoint new local leadership.