Evacuating during a hurricane can be a difficult journey for anyone, but for families with premature babies it can be even more challenging.

The Medical Center, Navicent Health welcomed 15 of the tiniest evacuees from the Georgia Coast.

“I see a warrior, she’s fought really hard and has done really well,” Renee Gunter said.

Her nine-day-old Quinn was born down on the Georgia coast, but now she's the newest resident in the neonatal intensive care unit at the Medical Center.

“She’s an official evacuee, and we're going to survive it,” Gunter said.

She says Quinn was born weighing just 1.5 pounds. A few days later, she was transported by to Central Georgia on an ambulance.

Gunter says some days watching her daughter inside an incubator can be difficult.

“They are supposed to be doing this inside the womb, where it’s obviously a lot safer for them,” Gunter said. “It’s a lot more natural for them, but in a unique way we do get to watch them grow, not just feel them grow in our bellies.”

She’s confident in the team watching over Quinn now, like Dr. Mitch Rodriguez.

He says they are just continuing the care plans for these tiny babies they already had.

“What we've been able to do is essentially bring in extra nurses and extra respiratory therapist,” Rodriguez said.

“We’ve been fortunate that the folks from Savannah some of the nurses were able to come up also and join us.”

Nakisha Garrett's baby, Mina, also made the journey up Interstate 16 to hopefully get out of harm’s way.

“You never know until the last minute exactly what it’s going to do, they can only predict, so I'd rather be safe then stuck there,” Garrett said.

When it passes, they'll head back to Savannah Memorial to continue growing.

“We'll be back in the Savannah NICU for a couple of months but that will be okay, healthy and growing, and she'll get there eventually but it’s one small step in her journey,” Gunter said. “We'll get through it.”

A big trip for tiny babies that have full lives ahead of them.

Other Medical evacuees are also being housed at Navicent. They will return to their own hospitals once its deemed safe to do so.