Warner Robins Mayor Randy Toms opened up Warner Robins' city hall so that people can have a safe place to go during Wednesday’s severe weather.  

“I just want people to be safe. We've had so many bad situations lately,” said Toms. “Even in the last couple of years with a couple of tornadoes hit. I just don't want to sit back and wish I would've done something.”

Around 2 p.m., I counted 96 people who had walked in to city hall.

Some entered with fears not only about their life, but their home.

“You really worry about your trailer being blown away,” said Sumlin.

Denise Sumlin has lived in a trailer for about 5 years. She says in previous years, she would've waited it out at home, but after a near death in her family due to severe storms, she doesn't take the chance.

“A tree fell through it and they almost died, so we tend to take it a little more serious now,” said Sumlin.

Harold Lyons and his wife say they also live in a trailer, but are considering giving it up after a storm like this. 

“Mobile homes aren’t too stable in this kind of weather, you know,” said Lyons. “It's not worth it, you know, God gives you one life and one chance. Don’t take it for granted,” said Sumlin.

Mayor Randy Toms says he was on his way to city hall when he received messages from people asking where they can go to seek shelter during the storm. That's when he went into action.

Lyons hopes that his home will be there when he gets there. 

“On Monday, we left and went to the store and when we got back she said, 'Thank God it's still here.' So that's what I'm going to be saying when we go back home,” said Lyons.”Thank God it's still here.”

Mayor Toms says that he will stay there until midnight if he needs to just to make sure people are safe.