The Taylor County Chamber of Commerce was in search of one photo that would capture the true essence of Taylor County.

They put out a Facebook Poll asking the community asking for ideas about a singular photo that could be used to display the true meaning of Taylor County.

According to Amanda Haynie, the executive director of the Taylor County Chamber of Commerce, the overwhelming response was for the community to come together and take a photo that will last a lifetime.

On Sunday, around 200 people of all ages and demographics showed out to be a part of the photo.

"I'm going to do one up here and then I'm going to come down there and get one from ground level," said photographer Angela Lance.

The lens on her camera captured people from all over Taylor County.

"It's great to see all of these people from everywhere show up," said 13-year-old Mervyn Praveen.

"I just love it," exclaimed 93-year-old Mattie Parks.

Haynie says the idea was conceived when they saw a need for a new website picture.

"We've got a new website that's very community oriented and we wanted to be able to showcase the community," said Haynie.

The shoot, appropriately named ‘The Faces of Taylor County,’ brought in nearly 200 people to be a part of the special moment.

"I think it's a big deal. We can see the past, present and future all at one time," said Haynie.

The oldest person in the picture was 93 and the youngest just four weeks old.

13-year-old Mervyn Praveen, a tennis and chess player, says he's glad to go to school in a town where it feels just like home.

"It's really diverse here and you can really make good friends with anyone you meet. It's like everyone is nice to you, it's like everybody is related to each other," said Praveen.

The Chamber of Commerce hopes to have the photo on their new site by the start of the new year.