A 22-year-old died after being shot in a neighborhood in Milledgeville Thursday morning. Captain Brad King with the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office says it happened just before 2 a.m. in the 100 block of Marion Street. Yvonne Thomas has an update on the case.

Suprena Patterson says she woke up to the sound of sirens in her neighborhood around 2 a.m. Thursday morning. ““I'm not safe in my house anymore since this is going on,” said Patterson. “I just happen to look out my window, and about 15 minutes later, I saw the coroner, so I knew someone was dead somewhere.”

Baldwin County deputies says Voisel Renfreo was shot to death on Marion Street, just a a few houses down from Patterson's. Captain Brad King with the Baldwin County Sheriff Office says they found that 22-year-old lying right here in between two duplexes.

Deputies spent hours in the neighborhood, piecing together this crime. So far, investigators say they've made no arrests and have no leads. “I can't believe it. I'm shocked,” said Patterson.

Patterson just moved into this neighborhood five months ago. “I'm scared because I stay here by myself, so I want them to catch them.” Her biggest fear now is that whoever is responsible could come back. “I don't want them to come to my house one day while I'm at work or something. I don't want that. I want them to catch them,” said Patterson.

Even though she says she didn't know the victim, she hopes that finding the killer will bring peace to Renfroe's family and her as well. “I lost my mother last year on August the 8th, so I know how that family is feeling and they are in my prayers,” said Patterson.

Anyone with information on the case can call the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office at 478-445-4891.