An argument in Montezuma ended with one man dead and another one hospitalized Saturday night.

Bettye McKenzie says she has lived in Spring Creek apartments for about 15 years.

“[It's] like one big family down here,” said McKenzie.

But on Saturday night she says that changed.

“I was in the house playing on the computer, and I heard two gun shots,” said McKenzie.

She says they came from a house in the same cul-de-sac.

“25 or 30 seconds after that we heard two more gunshots, and I got up and I come to the front door and when I came to the front door I saw people crowding at the end of the street,” said McKenzie.

Montezuma Police Chief Erik Finch says Willie Laster and Aaron McDonald got into an argument when one of the men pulled a gun.

Finch says the two men started struggling over the gun and both men ended up getting shot. Laster died at the scene.

“[I] could hardly believe it had happened. It was sad,” said McKenzie.

She says the two men were always friendly whenever she saw them together.

“I would see them talking to each...other stuff like that, and I never knew them to have any animosity,” said McKenzie.

She says Laster was the type of guy who would do anything to help anyone.

“He came down one day and put the tailpipe back under my car and just like I said he was a respectable person,” said McKenzie.

Chief Finch says McDonald is in a Macon hospital undergoing arm surgery and that the case is currently under investigation by the GBI. Charges will not be made until they talk to the DA's office.