Neighbors in the First Neighborhood development say having police tape so close to their door isn't common.

On Tuesday morning, Bibb County Deputies responded to a call of a woman found dead in her apartment on Bowman Street in the First Neighborhood development.

She was 63-year-old Vivian Puente-Napoles from Macon. According to Lt. Randy Gonzalez at the Bibb County Sheriff's Office, a manager found her body and notified authorities.

"What happened is really shocking," says Ray. " That just don't belong over here."

Jonathan Ray has lived there for 5 years and says he would often wave and talk to Vivian Puente-Napoles.

"If you needed something, she would help you out if she had it," said Ray. "If you needed a ride to places, she would give you a ride -- a real helpful lady."

Melissa Wellham is a close friend and neighbor of Vivian.

"She's a very kind, friendly, wonderful person actually. You know, with her being gone, It's tragic," said Wellham.

Wellham says that she remembers hearing someone banging on Vivian's door late last Friday night.

"Well, I heard someone banging on the door and that wasn't the 4th, that was the 5th late that night, because it woke me up," said Wellham. "The 4th is when I tried to text her and her phone was off. After that, I didn't really hear anything. For days, it was quiet as a mouse in there."

After not seeing Vivian in a couple days, she had a gut feeling that something was wrong and felt eerie knowing that someone died just mere feet away from where she lays her head at night.

According to Shannon Gordon, The chief Executive Officer at River Edge, which owns the First Neighborhood development, and she says that about 25 people live in this First Neighborhood.

"She really was a good person despite her problems. Everyone out here got problems. That's why we're here," said Wellham. "She didn't deserve what happened to her and I hope that whoever did it is caught and he pays for this," she continued.

River Edge released a statement to the family and it says the board and staff offers their deepest condolences and that they are actively assisting authorities with the investigation.