People in one west Macon neighborhood are concerned about people speeding down their street. They say the speeders have caused multiple accidents on Nisbet Drive, and they want the county to do something about it.

Gwenette Westbrooks says she watches motorists ignore the 25 mile per hour speed limit while using the street as a "cut through" to get to Presidential Parkway.

"This is community, it's not an interstate. It's not a highway," says Westbrooks. "We've had a lot more traffic on this road since they put the Walmart here."

Last year, Westbrooks says a group of teenagers came speeding down the hill in front of her house, and the car flipped. Her neighbor, Anita Hall, saw the accident too.

"Their car was actually airborne coming over the hill," says Hall. "I don't really know what can be done, but it's been a long time coming."

Hall and Westbrooks think a stoplight, or speed bumps, could help make cars slow down.

17-year-old Jeanetta Hall says, as a young driver, the speeders make her nervous to pull out of her driveway.

"I've seen most of these accidents that happen on my street and I'm thinking what if it's me next," says Hall.

According to Lieutenant Randy Gonzalez with the Bibb County Sheriff's Office, only two car accidents have been reported on Nisbet Drive in 2017.

But Westbrooks says the speeders are an ongoing problem.

"Something has to be done, somebody is going to get killed if they don't," says Westbrooks.

Westbrooks is holding a "Nisbet Drive Community Meeting" Thursday night at 6 p.m. at Evergreen Church of Macon to discuss the speeders.

She's invited county commissioners, the sheriff's office, and the county engineering department to come discuss the issue with neighbors