The day after two teenagers were shot, neighbors in one Macon neighborhood say teen gun violence is becoming "ridiculous."

"Gunshots, man, gunshots, gunshots. We hear them so much we don't even pay them any attention. That's like the norm around here," says Bradley Gastin.

Gastin has lived of Beech Avenue for the last 35 years.

On Thursday morning, he woke up to the commotion of officers surrounding his old elementary school, where deputies found the body of 16-year old Javon Sherman.

Neighbor Roderick McGee says when he was younger, teens did not resort to such violence in his neighborhood.

"It hurts my feelings, it hurts my heart," says McGee. "We fought like other children do all the time, but this gun violence has just gotten to a point where it's out of control."

Thursday night, a second teen was shot on Edna Place, 18-year old Tavares Roberts Junior. His little sister, Tootie Roberts, was shot and killed in their home on Lindwood Drive in 2015.

"Whenever a youth is involved in a violent criminal activity, it sort of shocks the conscious of the community simply because that is a little outside of the norm," says Bibb Sheriff David Davis.

According to Davis, there have been 11 aggravated assaults on teenagers in Macon-Bibb this year, resulting in 2 deaths.

"Fortunately, we do not see that many cases where teens are involved in violent behavior," says Davis.

But Gastin and McGee think that one case is too many.

"I lost a child to this same violence, and it's just like, somebody has got to do something," says Gastin.