Georgia Department of Transportation says the construction on Macon's Forest Hill Road will be complete by October 31st, but some people in the area are upset with how they have handled the project.

If you have driven down Forest Hill Road in the last three years, you have most likely seen a construction cone or two.

“I-75, the express lane can be done quicker than two miles of road on Forest Hill Road,” says Susan Mitchell.

Mitchell lives in a neighborhood off of Forest Hill Road, but she says it is not just the cones that are upsetting people in her neighborhood.

“Fancy, new, nice-looking street lights, but they haven’t been turned on, so we have no street lights. We haven’t had street lights in three years,” says Mitchell.

Mitchell says that is making it dangerous to drive down the road at night, but she says the DOT has left the area in poor condition.

“They've sacrificed our homes. The home values have gone down. We have friends who bought in our neighborhood 25 years ago, and the house just sold for the same value they bought it 25 years ago,” says Mitchell.

Commissioner Mallory Jones says every construction site is messy, but he says a lot of these problems are caused by the construction company R.J. Haynie.

“There hasn't been enough oversight by GDOT, in my opinion, and held these people accountable. Inspections as you go along because otherwise people will just take the easy way out,” says Jones.

Chris Haynie, the project manager for the last six months, says they have tried to maintain everything as best as possible and work with the home owners.

Haynie says they are not able to turn on the street lights until the project is complete.

But Mitchell says she wants to see some changes like maintained landscaping. The DOT says landscaping will be complete at a later date.

“It’s an embarrassment. It’s an embarrassment to invite people to your home,” says Mitchell.

Commissioner Gary Bechtel says it is the counties responsibility to replace the brick sign that was here, but the state says they will remove the duct tape that they have placed on poles.