Homeowners woke up Saturday morning to survey damage to their homes after a EF-1 tornado hit unexpectedly Friday evening

Nicole Butler met with some homeowners who say it could have been much worse.

"I cannot believe that but it was a tornado just came through here," Layla Sparks said.

Sparks went live on Facebook to show the damage caused by a tornado blowing through her backyard.

"It just messed up their roof…look at our fence…oh my goodness," she exclaimed.

Sparks thought back on what happened in ‘the blink of an eye.’

"I was in panic mode. I was shocked because I'm used to hurricanes not tornados. That's nothing to be laughing about [but] at the time I really didn't know what to do," she said.

She was shocked when she went outside.

"It was trashed, everything was trashed," Sparks said.

From neighbor’s roofs being destroyed to the neighborhood slide in her backyard to large trees being uprooted, Layla says it looked like a scene from Twister.

But one item caught her attention after she saw it was missing from her yard.

The winds were so strong that it picked up her trampoline and blew it away -- landing three doors down.

She says her damage was nothing compared to others in the area.

"It just hit (blowing noise) and that was it," Douglas Cullens Jr. said.

Lasting only a matter a seconds, he says he wasn't too concerned about any damage. He thought maybe a shutter or two would be missing at most.

"I was thinking that it wasn't nothing that much but I was wrong," Cullens said.

His roof was completely ripped off.

"[The] tornado hit the top of the house and blew it over and it the top of that house over there," he said.

Looking at all the destruction that came into his life in a matter of seconds, he steps back and is thankful.

"I thank Jesus that I'm still here," Cullens said.

He says he's staying with friends while his roof gets replaced and wants to thank all of the firefighters and neighbors that came to help in a time when he needed it the most.