A new daycare is opening its doors Friday, but it's not for children.

Alice's Place, on Napier Avenue, was a personal home care center for 5 years, but now they're a full-time adult daycare center.

The center provides a safe haven for those who have reached an age where they can't be left unattended during the day.

Assistant Director Leslie Ellington says it brings relief to families.

"They know that their loved one will be well taken care of here," says Ellington.

According to Ellington, the new adult daycare can handle up to 22 people at a time and their staff can help with a variety of health issues, including memory loss.

Ellington says she's noticed an increase in Alzheimer's patients around Macon, and according to The Alzheimer's Association someone in the United States develops the disease every 66 seconds.

The staff at Alice's Place is trained to help patients with these memory-deteriorating diseases. They're teaming up with a local chapter of The Alzheimer's Association to give away scholarships to those who qualify for this type of care.

Ellington says they think people will enjoy their new adult daycare, because there's nothing better than "feeling like you're at home."