The director of Animal Control in Jones County says their new animal shelter is about a month away from completion.

The county started building a new shelter in April because the old one is constantly full.

"It's heartbreaking to know that animals could be euthanized for space," Dani Faulkner said.
Faulkner runs Rock on Rescue in Jones County.

She says they work closely with Jones County Animal Control to take in animals when they county is full.

It's a problem that Director of Animal Control John Jackson says is constant.

"We stay full all the time," Jackson said. "The number of stray animals in Jones County - I'm not going to say it's more than it is anywhere else per capita, but I know we have a huge problem."
It’s a problem Jackson says he hopes will be solved with a new animal control building.

By February, the dogs and cats will have a new home -- a facility that's climate controlled, so the animals won’t have to experience hot summers or cold winters.

"This new one… we're going to have 24 dog kennels and five puppy kennels and some more cat cages added in, so we'll pretty much be able to hold twice what we hold now," Jackson said.

Jackson says the facility cost the county $280,000, but donations helped with the price tag, including volunteer and inmate labor, plus supplies.

He says the Jones County Sheriff's Office sent a group of inmates to help lay concrete for the parking lot.

They'll help on other projects too as the building nears completion.

"With the added kennels, we'll be able to bring more in and we won't have to euthanize as much for space," Jackson said.

Jackson says thanks to local rescue groups, animal control hasn't euthanized any animals because of a lack of space in a couple of months.

He and Faulkner hope this new shelter helps them keep it that way for years to come.

"It's just a sigh of relief to know that we're getting this shelter," Faulkner said. "It's going to be able to house more animals and give them more room and maybe the pressure won't be on the rescue groups as much as it is now."

Jackson says one way to help Animal Control is to spay and neuter your pets as soon as they're old enough.

He says the new building will be up and running no later than February 2018.