With Christmas upon us, it's all about giving back, which is exactly what Daybreak in Macon tries to do every day.

Daybreak has been around for years, but you may be seeing a new face when you walk in the doors.

Nicole Butler spoke with Sister Theresa Sullivan, who has taken over as the director of Daybreak, about her big goals for the year.

Growing up in Chicago, she says during high school, she started working with the less fortunate in the inner cities.

"And I realized that gift I had to reach out to people and look beyond what society thought of them," Sister Theresa said.

She knew that being a Sister of Charity was her calling, so she changed her plans from being a nurse to coming to Macon on a mission to make a big impact on the lives of the homeless.

"My eyes had been opened to how people are deprived of the basic necessities of life," Sister Theresa said.

From doing laundry to giving them food and making it feel like home, they do it all, but she wants to go a step further.

She wants to gain about 25 more volunteers and build a two-story health and housing building behind Daybreak.

She says she's inspired to reach her goal every day she comes into work.

"Every night when I go out that door and I know that some of my friends are sleeping on tents on the river and sleeping on our front porch, I say, 'We need to get housing. This is unacceptable,'" Sister Theresa said.

It’s a big goal, but there are some words of wisdom that keep her moving forward.

"If a task is once begun, never finish till it's done, be it little great or small, do it well or not at all," she said.

Sister Theresa says through God she knows it's possible and she won't stop until her dream becomes a reality.

"I just need to have it done, because every day we don't have it, somebody else sleeps out on the street," she said.

Sister Theresa says she needs to raise $2.5 million to make the building a reality, but she says she hopes to raise that money in 2018 and break ground in 2019.