The GBI has released new information on a fatal shooting that happened at a home in Byron Friday night.

Authorities say it started out as a night with friends that turned deadly.

Around 9 p.m. Friday, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was called to a shooting at a home on Twin Lakes Road.

Special agent J.T. Ricketson says it started as an argument between friends.

"They were actually together for maybe a couple of hours. They were consuming alcohol, apparently having a good time. At one point, the victim in this case became a little obnoxious and combative with them,” said Ricketson.

He says the argument started after 35-year-old Lloyd Goldie refused to leave the property and got into a fight with the man and woman who lived at the home.

"What we did when we got there was conduct several interviews with the parties that were there. We reconstructed the crime scene, and we did a neighborhood canvas,” said Ricketson.

Someone posted a Facebook video that seemed to show the two friends -- Goldie and the shooter -- hanging out just before the shooting, but Ricketson says this shows that social media can hurt rather than help their investigation.

"We like to get their view of what they saw or what they heard. If they've now been exposed to other people's testimony through social media, it will actually corrupt their recollection,” said Ricketson.

He says District Attorney David Cooke will use the facts of the case to determine what will happen next.

"That person, which is our prosecutor, has the ultimate authority in deciding if we need to move forward with arrest warrants, if we need to present this to a grand jury, or if they are presented with all the facts and deem it justifiable,” said Ricketson.

Peach County Sheriff Terry Deese says no charges have been filed yet because they believe the shooting was in self-defense.

J.T. Ricketson has not released the name of the shooter.