New developments are underway for the city of Perry.

The city and a few investors are working to revitalize the downtown area.

Ellen Palmer, the communications manager at the City of Perry, says developers plan to renovate the New Perry Hotel to have a 36-room boutique style hotel with a significant event space that would hold more than 250 people. They also plan to create a restaurant and bar.

“Historically,it was a well-known hotel. People from all over would stop in Perry to come to the New Perry Hotel. I think that these are new investors,” said Palmer.

A development company out of Atlanta is currently working to require historic preservation tax credits so that they can start renovating.

“We see a lot of opportunity here in Downtown Perry -- there is a lot of structure and history here,” said investor Chad Bryant.

Bryant, an investor in the area, bought the building two weeks ago and hopes to turn it into a restaurant.

"Food-and-beverage-type atmosphere, we're looking forward to creating a stage in front so I can bring some entertainment component to downtown Perry,” said Bryant. "The amazing thing is that we’ve hauled out 20 loads of material in this process, just in the demolition process."

Right across the street, business owner Alicia McMurrian says that the growth is what brought her to the downtown area.

“It's exciting to be a part of something that's growing and new,” said McMurrian.

She says since moving from her previous location, her clientele has doubled and business is booming.

"That allowed us to be able to showcase again more of what we offer and have a larger work space to work out of so that we could be able to make more and our production time can be a lot better," said McMurrian.

Other plans include the city’s first downtown residential area with two lofts.

“We're in the preliminary stages of putting together a multi-use facility. We have a retail component downstairs with some loft apartment downstairs,” said Bryant.

Bryant plans for all of the construction to be completed in December.

Other plans for the downtown area is a new coffee shop and two new entryway parks.