Friday is the day beer enthusiasts and breweries across the state had been waiting for. A new Georgia law allowing breweries to sell directly to their customers kicked into action.

“I got the first pint ever poured here,” Clifford McDonald said. “It’s awesome I’m really glad this establishment is coming along.”

The Macon Beer company is coming along, since it can now sell full pints to its customers inside the brewery. Before Friday they could only give samples.

“It’s like going to a restaurant and only getting six tater tots, you get a taste of them they don’t really fill you up,” the new owner of the Macon Beer Company, Yash Patel said. “You are not satisfied when you leave, you can taste them but you don’t get what you want.”

His customers are also no longer legally required to take a tour that comes with just a few 6 ounce tastes. That's McDonald wasn’t a fan of.

“When you come in here and you only get the little samples your actually kind of sadden by that,” McDonald said. “You are like man this is so good I want more but you are only allowed the little samples.”

Patel says selling directly to customers makes them happy, and that’s good for business.

“It will allow us to actually get events in here, get more bands in here, things like that,” Patel said. “It will also help us focus on actually making more specialized brews that we can serve in house on the tap exclusively.”

With the new law, McDonald expects to have even more options for grabbing a brew.

“More breweries will start popping up,” McDonald said. “I think it will be good for downtown Macon, and the growth of downtown Macon.”

A simple law change, that beer drinkers across the state can raise a glass to.