The group responsible for bringing new businesses to Bibb County has new leadership. That comes after a federal grand jury indicted the groups former chairman and director, Cliffard Whitby.

The Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority had to make some fast changes when Whitby resigned after being indicted on federal bribery charges.

“Even though we had a little bump in the road, we all rallied and got back and its business as usual,” says the new director, Robby Fountain.

Fountain says Whitby's legal troubles have not hurt the authority. Instead Fountain says they are gaining momentum.

“I hope we can continue on this track we're going right now because we've seen a lot of success,” says Fountain.

The authority's new acting director, Stephen Adams, says he is also noticing the success including the recent announcement of a new diaper plant, Irving Consumer Products.

“A little over half way through the year and already had 500 new jobs created with Irving coming along and we're over $500,000 in investments. Things are really good and we have several projects in the hopper that we're keeping our fingers crossed,” says Adams.

Whitby held both Adams and Fountains roles. Now Adams says as director he focuses on day to day projects for the authority's staff.

“Anything from property management to overseeing day to day affairs with staff to working with projects and prospects that come in,” says Adams.

Fountain says he oversees the staff, like Adams, and works with the board to make policies.

“We may know where some more land may be, so we may vote to acquire more land for this project,” says Fountain.

Fountain says there should be a groundbreaking this month for the new Irving plant coming to Macon.