Navicent Health says it could soon be easier to get to and from their Macon hospital. That is if Bibb County approves adding a roundabout to an intersection outside of the hospital.

The Vice President of System Support Services for Navicent, Tim Slocum, says they are seeing more and more traffic at the five-way intersection at Spring Street and Pine Street.

“Major intersections to not only Navicent Health but to all of downtown Macon,” says Slocum.

Between a new children’s hospital and a growing nursing program, Slocum says Navicent Health is expanding, and they need a way to get people to and from the hospital faster.

“Not only our clinical staff our support staff our medical staff partners as well as most importantly our patients,” says Slocum.

That is why Slocum says they are asking Bibb County to install a roundabout at the intersection.

“We look at this roundabout as a way to really improve safety into our campus,” says Slocum.

Slocum says it would also help people get downtown faster. A change Commissioner Larry Schlesinger says he is all for.

“I go through that intersection every day because I don't live far from it, and if you’re not on Forsyth Street you’re waiting a while at the traffic light,” says Schlesinger.

Schlesinger says he saw a lot of improvements when they put a roundabout by Tatnall Square Park. Now, he says they could do the same with this intersection.

“It's really a blessing to not only the neighborhoods and intuitions that are here but the whole neighborhood itself,” says Schlesinger.

Slocum says this could benefit more than just the Macon community.

“Improve access for not only our local patients but for people all over,” says Slocum.

Bibb Commissioners are scheduled to vote on this agreement at next Tuesday’s meeting.