Mayor Robert Reichert says the opening of Hunt School Village is history in the making. It's a new and affordable senior housing development in east Macon, the first that area has seen in more than twenty years. Yvonne Thomas spoke to one resident who moved in March, and he says he's found a place where he belongs.

Some say when one door closes, another one opens, and for Milton Mathis, it starts with a new home. “I was very excited about it and now I'm here,” said Mathis. “Although this apartment looks empty, it is not empty.”

Looking at the pictures of his loved ones, both near and far, beyond these walls, all Mathis sees are new possibilities. “It is filled with lots of love, lots of hope,” said Mathis. “I moved here on March the 10th of this year and I plan on spending the rest of my life here now.”

After working for a telephone company in Florida and a yearlong search for affordable senior housing, 62-year-old Mathis says he's finally found where he belongs. “I just thought that I'd come see what Macon had to offer,” said Mathis.

The old Hunt Elementary School was transformed into Hunt School Village. It's an affordable housing development for seniors 62 years old and up. 60 units are available, and dozens like Mathis have already moved in. “We have an exercise room, we have a media center, a computer room, which are fantastic amenities and that's just the physical part,” said Mathis.

Mathis sees this $12 million project not as a business investment but rather a way to invest in our seniors. “They have definitely made a difference in my life and I feel like I'm with family. I truly feel that way.”

For Mathis, it's an opportunity for him to enjoy retirement and to live comfortably. The Macon-Bibb Community Housing Authority has provided Section 8 rental assistant for all 60 units. That will insure the affordability for fixed income seniors.