Before football season gets started back up in the fall, it'll be construction season near Freedom Field in Houston County.

WMAZ reported earlier this year about the City of Warner Robins and Houston County adding street lights to Cohen Walker Drive. Now, the City passed a resolution to install sidewalks along the area as well.

Houston County High School assistant principal Jay Jones says all the development around the school in the last few years has been great.

“We really help each other out and it's very easy to make that connection when there's an increasing amount of things to do, an increasing amount of places to eat, an increasing amount of places to go and have fun,” Jones said.

But, it's not finished.

At this week's Council meeting the City of Warner Robins passed a resolution to install sidewalks with the County on Cohen Walker Drive and Bear Country Boulevard.

Jones said that'll make it safer for fans and students come football season.

“Walking to and from those parking lots it was a safety issue last year. We are thankful the city and councilmen voted on this resolution to get this done for us. There were many people that were walking in the streets around the stadium trying to get to their car where they were parked off site,” Jones said.

Jones said it's not just the sidewalks that'll help.

“I think it likely stems from, including the lighting that was put in on Cohen Walker Drive, it's all safety based,” he said in his office.

According to estimates, the whole project will cost $404,914.40.

The City will be on the hook for nearly $150,000. Houston County will pay the rest.

The City says construction will start after the school year ends and finished in time for Friday night football.

Houston County High School has 1,863 students. Jones says he hopes this means students won't have to even leave the parking lot after school for Friday night home games, since they'll be able to walk.

Warner Robins City Attorney Jim Elliott said the contract between Warner Robins and Houston County for the project has not been finalized.

Over the phone, County Commissioner Tom McMichael said, “It’ll be safer for everybody out there going to events at Freedom Field.”

He said the money would come from SPLOST funds.