No charges will be filed against a Bibb County deputy who shot a Lizella man last month. That's according to District Attorney David Cooke.

Cooke made the announcement Friday during a news conference saying that Bibb Deputy, Alex Rozier, reasonably feared for his life and the safety of others when he shot 27-year old Gavin Williams.

Williams is the man who stabbed and beat an elderly couple on Moncrief Road last month.

He killed 70-year-old Vivian Hughes, and severely injured her husband, 72-year-old Sanders Hughes.

According to the incident report, when a deputy arrived on scene Williams tried to hit the deputy with an liquor bottle, at which point the deputy Tased him.

Williams removed the prongs and ran down the street, barricading himself inside his own home.

A SWAT team and officers tried to negotiate with Williams for about 2 hours.

They used pepper spray, tear gas and two robots in the negotiations, but were unsuccessful.

Eventually Williams came out the back door of the home and approached officers with a knife.

That's when Bibb deputy, Alex Rozier, shot him.

According to Cooke, deputies used all forms of non-lethal force possible to try and subdue Williams prior to shooting him, but they didn't work.

Williams died from his injuries.

Cooke says Williams has a long history of mental problems, including hallucinations and schizophrenia and he wasn't taking his medication at the time of the incident.

Cooke says Williams was destroying property at another home on Moncrief Road when he noticed he was being watched by the elderly couple. That may have been what provoked the attack.

WMAZ spoke to Mr. Hughes off-camera Friday night, he is still recovering from his injuries. He says he and Vivian had been married for 46 year and lived on Moncrief Road for the last 30 years.

Mr. Hughes said he always felt like Williams wasn't quite in the "right mind," but he never imagined he would do something like this.

Vivian Hughes