Georgia Military College Prep School says no students were seriously injured when a bus was involved in an accident in North Carolina.

According to a GMC Director of Staff Dr. Jeannie Zipperer, the bus was headed to the Nantahala River rafting area in western North Carolina for 9th grade trip.

Zipper says two GMC buses were headed north for the overnight excursion, one for female students and one for males.

Just before they reached the outdoor center, a Great Smoky Mountain Railroad train crashed into one of the buses. That's according to North Carolina State Patrol Sgt. David Williams.

Zipperer says it was the bus carrying the 9th grade boys.

Alex Westberry's son was one of the students on the bus. He called his dad around noon to let him know about the accident.

Westberry told WMAZ that his son said he was fine, receiving only a scrape on the knee from the bus incident.

"He said it sounded like the train was slowing down, almost stopping and it was coming towards them, but he was on the other side of the bus. He said we just kind of braced for it, and it hit us, and we slid and then we got off the bus."

According to Zipperer 6 students and 2 adults went to a local North Carolina hospital for minor injuries. Only one GMC staff member was still being treated for injuries Tuesday afternoon.

The incident is still under investigation. No charges have been filed.

Courtesy: North Carolina Highway Patrol, on the scene of an accident involving a bus from Georgia Military College Prep school and a train in Swain County, NC.