Talk of the 2018 budget for Houston County is underway. The commission meeting Tuesday night wrapped up with Chairman Tommy Stalnaker sharing what next year's budget will include.

Right now, the budget stands at a little more than $108,000,000. Stalnaker says they currently have enough reserve funds for 7 months and the millage rate will not increase.

"This county has no debt. That is tremendous that we don't have any debt to pay, so that helps us as additional money to be able to operate on when we don't have that debt to pay. We have not borrowed any money on our SPLOST. We have paid as we go so we don't have any debt on our SPLOST projects as well,” says Stalnaker.

He went on to say that there are big projects that will happen using some of that SPLOST money like construction and road projects.

Stalnaker also says the county hasn't had to pull money from its reserve fund in at least 10 years.