Many of you probably know of Haleigh Cox.

She's the young girl in Forsyth who suffered constant seizures, and her story began the push for access to medical marijuana in Georgia.

Tuesday night, a non-profit organization called "Sunshine on a Ranney Day" gave her a big surprise to help make therapy a little more enjoyable.

With $5,000, a few sponsors, and some manpower, the group redesigned Haleigh's therapy room into a great space filled with things she loves, like ladybugs and pictures of her family.

The group out of Atlanta has been doing projects like this for five years and has revamped more than 60 rooms for children like Haleigh.

Haleigh now has a therapy bed and swing, beautiful decorations, and even a view of her favorite Colorado mountains.

But her mother Janea says the room is filled with so much more than that.

“You walk in and you just feel the hope in this room. It just means so much to us. I can’t imagine it being any better,” said Cox.

Organizers showed the entire reveal on Facebook live.