Students aren't the only ones looking to perform well on report cards. Schools as a whole strive for good grades.

Each year, the state gives schools a CCRPI score. That stands for College and Career Ready Performance Index. At Northeast High, these scores are soaring.

Students who walk through the doors of Northeast High are held to high standards, especially when it comes to college.

Literature teacher Mrs.Kimberly Abad says the sky is the limit when it comes to student's futures.

"Kids say, 'I want to go to that school,' and I'm like, 'Great, well, apply to this one that one and that one,' I mean, who doesn't want to be accepted to 10 schools."

But things at Northeast weren't always this way. Mrs. Abad says success seemed far away when she first joined the Raiders team.

"They didn't have an instructor or teacher for 90-plus days, so I really just had to come in and bring the students off of Venus down to Earth," Abad says.

And that's what she did.

Abad's students research, call, and apply for colleges in her class to ensure they know what to do.

Through this kind of guidance and motivation from the staff, the school's CCRPI rating jumped 14 points. That's the state grade that includes things like graduation rate, test scores, and absenteeism. Based on that score, the state says Northeast is no longer failing. In fact, students like Jonathan Diaz are college-bound.

"Yesterday, an email that said I was accepted. I was overwhelmed," Diaz continues, " I received a scholarship for Mercer for $17,000 a year."

Principal Steven Jones says this comes as no surprise.

"It comes down to the tenacity and the hunger and the thirst of the teachers, and when they created that thirst and that hunger, it spilled over into the students, making students proud to be Raiders and preparing to be successful Raider graduates.