While hundreds hopped in the car this week to get away from Hurricane Irma, so did a nursing home out of South Georgia. They have found the perfect place to stay here in Central Georgia.

Buses lined the front of the Advanced Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Jeffersonville Friday, with 87 seniors and staff employees from a nursing home in Tybee Island looking to get away from Hurricane Irma.

It is something the Tybee Island nursing home says they are grateful for and required lots of teamwork. One nurse even came back from vacation to help out.

"Everybody pitches in it doesn't matter how young you are or how old you are. This facility is a member of our family and they welcome us as if they were our neighbors and that means a great deal,” says evacuee nurse Kurtis Jackson.

Though the nursing home will be housing more than 140 people this weekend, they say there are some tips you need to know if you're taking care of an elderly person.

"They need plenty to eat and plenty to eat. We got diabetes and people with fluid restrictions on dialysis and stuff. But the biggest thing is make sure they're safe. They will have a fear. We got to make sure they're comfortable and not scared,” explains Administrator Randy Lewis.

The nursing home is choosing to keep a positive outlook on the storm's outcome.

"Most importantly, making sure these residents come here they're happy, they're safe, they get home safe. When it's all over with we'll just say we survived Irma and we're all good,” says Lewis.

They say there is no better way to weather a storm than together.

Lewis says the same nursing home on Tybee was evacuated during Hurricane Matthew as well.