Ocmulgee Public Fishing Area will open by the end of the week.

Gabrielle Dawkins spent the day at the lake and has more on what crews are doing to get the lake back to its original beauty.

Tim Bonvechio, a state Department of Natural Resources engineer, said crews worked tirelessly over the past five years to get this place back up and running.

"We're basically just picking up sticks, cleaning and tidying up the place," says Bonvechio.

The Ocmulgee Public Fishing Area in Bleckley County closed in the fall of 2012 when a sinkhole drained most of the water from the 100-acre lake.

"We scraped about 2 feet of dirt and trees out and put a fabric liner back down and three foot of clay back on top, so it was basically a big patch of the lake to fix it. So we won't have that compromised issue again," says Bonvechio.

Bonvechio said at one point the lake had only a bit of water running through it, but Mother Nature has helped with that.

"We're about 10 months since we closed the gate, and the lake has been filling up," says Bonvechio.

Starting Friday at Sunrise, people will be able to cast their lines.

"Sunrise anglers can come and put their boats in and go fishing from the shores," says Bonvechio.

There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony located at the Ocmulgee Public Fishing Area this Friday at 11 a.m.