The Bibb County Sheriff's Office says one of their deputies, 51-year-old Albert Jordan, assaulted a man who was trying to buy cigarettes without an ID and pulled a gun on the man.

The release says Jordan grabbed the man by the neck and pushed him against the glass. At the time, the release says, Jordan was off-duty and in plain clothes.

“We have evidence that the deputy brought in a firearm and brought that into the equation when the other person was unarmed and not posing any kind of threat,” says Bibb County Sheriff David Davis.

Due to the assault, Bibb County Sheriff David Davis says Jordan was arrested and fired.

The sheriff says they assess each situation case by case, but deputies do have to follow certain policies.

“The fact that this individual was arrested and charged with a crime, that’s a violation of our policies,” says Davis.

Davis says when deputies misbehave, it doesn't matter if they are on duty or off-duty. He says off-duty deputies can respond to reported crimes, but they still need to follow the same rules.

“Even when you're off-duty, you have to carry yourself in such a way that wouldn't bring disrepute to yourself or onto the sheriff’s office,” says Davis.

Davis says when off-duty officers respond to incidents in public, they have to identify themselves and show some form of credentials. He says Jordan did that.

We are still waiting on Jordan's personnel record from the sheriff’s office, but Davis says he does not believe Jordan had any type of criminal history. We also reached out to Jordan for comment but did not hear back.