According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, more than 1.5 million deer collisions happen annually across the U.S.

Chris Holloway was one of those numbers.

"They were movin' too fast to react," Holloway said, too fast to avoid damage.

"The headlight and kinda crinkled, the fender that is," Holloway said.

Run-ins like this have auto shops going buck wild.

"This one went right up front, just went right down the side of the vehicle," BJ Brookins, manager at Stan's Auto Body in Gray said.

"It caught it here on the corner, bent the fender, still got some deer hair in there," Brookins explained, showing disastrous deer accident outcomes.

Hitting a deer can leave behind small traces like scratches and even some left behind hair. However, they can also put a huge dent in your car and your wallet.

"It could run anywhere from a bumper covering and headlight, you know $700-$800 dollars up to 8, 10 grand on a new vehicle," Brookins said.

Brookins says a decent dent and some deer hair is the best case scenario and advises not to swerve.

"It's always better to hit the deer. Even though it may cause a little damage to your vehicle, you know it’s usually repairable."

It's repairable in what Brookins says takes usually no longer than ten days, so you can go from saying. "Oh, deer,” to, “Oh, good,” and get back on the road.