As Central Georgia gets back to normal and starts to clean up after Irma, one piece of Macon's downtown now lies in pieces. It is an item with deep Macon roots.

If you have driven past City Hall in Macon, you may notice a permanent change Irma has left behind.

"I didn't know that wind was that strong to lift that big old tree up,” says Maconite Martha Sanders.

Irma's high speed winds ripped that old tree right out of the ground.

Macon-Bibb County says the Deodar Cedar was planted some time in the 1950's and they have been going out on a limb to nurse it back to health over the last few years.

"I saw a picture on Facebook that someone posted where it came down. I was just heart sunk when I saw it was gone,” says Macon resident Kendall Countryman.

The iconic tree was there in the background during Bill Clinton's trip to Macon, has been hit by a car, was in the filming of the movie "The Best of Enemies" and has gotten decorated for Christmas.

Many say they do not want to see the tree leave.

"My mom used to come here every morning and drink coffee from the store they had downstairs. We used to stand under the tree and catch the bus. It used to keep a lot of shade for us when we were standing out there and it was hot,” recalls Sanders.

Some others have fond memories of the cedar too.

"I remember it always standing there in front of city hall and providing shade for that corner,” says Countryman.

Whether you are a Maconite or just passing through you could appreciate an old Cedar's majesty.

"I see that it's torn up from the roots but I think they need to replace it because trees are what make a town beautiful,” explains passerby Linda Knoch.

Many Maconites say it is not a question meant to stump.

They are sad to see the old timber fall, but are glad to see a new one grow from the ground up.

Macon-Bibb County says they are working on plans to get a new tree planted in the old cedar's place.