HOUSTON -- Lots of people make jokes about police officers and doughnuts. Tyler Carach made it his mission.

He stopped in Houston with his mother, Sheena Carach, part of a ten-day road trip for his tenth birthday, thanking officers all over with free doughnuts.

"Thank you, buddy, thank you," one officer told him.

Tyler got the idea back home in Florida. He saw four officers in a store -- and used his allowance to buy them doughnuts.

"It makes me happy," Tyler said. "Because I get to thank the person that keeps my family safe."

How many police officers does he want to buy a doughnut for?

"Every single one in America," Tyler said.

By our count, that's 900,000.

So far, Tyler has visited 24 states in 14 months. In Las Vegas, he thanked officers and first responders for their heroism after last month's massacre.

In Albuquerque, they sang his praises -- "Happy birthday," that is.

Tyler's mother taught him to think big. So far, he has handed out 34,000 doughnuts.

"If you breathe good into the world, if you speak good into the world, if you do good into the world, it does come back to you," Sheena said.

"I get to go and see these grown men and women tear up sometimes and come to me and say, 'You have no idea what this means to us,'" Sheena said.

Just ask Houston officer Thomas Wozniak.

"It makes me prideful for wearing this uniform," Wozniak said. "To see this little boy give so much support and love, that's awesome."

Tyler wants to become an officer himself one day. And then, just maybe, a perfect stranger will buy him a doughnut.