Warner Robins had two council seats up for grabs on Tuesday night.

Post 1, which is an at-large seat, and Post 3.

Councilman Keith Lauritsen secured a second term as Post 3’s representative on City Council.

He beat challenger Terri Murray with nearly 70 percent of the vote.

After the race, Lauritsen said he knew what he wanted to focus on the next four years.

“Public safety. In the last four years I came in really focusing on recreation and I don't want to lose sight of that, we've got to complete some projects. But I feel like we've gotten far enough into recreation that those things are already coming about so now I really believe the number one priority is public safety,” he said.

Two of the candidates running for Post 1 are headed to a runoff election on December 5th that will be city wide.

Candidates Eric Langston and Daron Lee won 36 and 34 percent of the vote respectively. They knocked out Jim Taylor, with 20 percent, and Jeffery Walker, with just under 9 percent.

After the race, Langston said he wanted to invite more people into his campaign.

“I ask my supporters and I ask the supporters of other campaigns to join, I mean, look, we still have a story to write and I'm asking each and every citizen that put their trust and their confidence in me to serve them for the next four years to help me in writing the next chapter in Warner Robins and I believe that's exactly what’s going to happen,” Langston said.

Lee said he knew what caused him success Tuesday night.

“We tried to make this campaign more personal. We did address the concerns of the people but actually putting our hands in other people's hands and walking the neighborhoods and making phone call and actually getting people involved so they felt like they were a part of this campaign, that I was really representing their concerns,” Lee said at City Hall.

Only 6,796 of Warner Robins’ 39,126 registered voters participated in this election.

Councilman Clifford Holmes secured another term as Post 5’s representative on Council after running un-opposed.