For years, the pink poodle has been a symbol for the Cherry Blossom Festival and a Macon mascot. Lacie, one of the Cherry Blossom pink poodles, died Tuesday. 13WMAZ's Madison Cavalchire spoke with Lacie's owners, Paul and Alice Williams, to take a look back on all of the love this four-legged friend brought to our community.

If you live in Macon, you've probably seen one of Paul and Alice Williams' pink Cherry Blossom poodles.

"We have pictures of people whose children's, children's, children now, have their picture taken with a pink poodle in Macon," says Paul Williams.

On Tuesday, one of the Williams' poodles, Lacie, died at the age of 14.

"We had to make the decision to take her to the vet and have him take care of it," says Paul Williams. "She had gotten to the point where she wasn't eating."

Lacie made appearances at the Cherry Blossom Festival for 12 years, until she passed the torch to the Williams' other poodle, Blossom, two years ago.

"We knew she had met a lot of people, but we didn't realize how many people she had really, really touched," says Paul Williams.

The Williams say their fondest memories with Lacie are at the Cherry Blossom festivals.

"She always greeted people really well," says Alice Williams. "Of course, we started her out young, socializing her and everything. She got to the point where, if you didn't pet her, she'd almost make you pet her."

The Williams say they'll miss Lacie, and they'll miss sharing her with the community. The Williams say you'll still be able to catch their other poodle-- Blossom-- at next year's Cherry Blossom Festival.