The Bibb County District Attorney and the sheriff’s office are investigating an incident involving a student who brought a loaded gun to Rosa Taylor Elementary School Wednesday.

James Sherlock says there are a lot of items he would expect to find at his daughter’s school, but he says a gun is not one of them.

“Not here in a grammar school. I mean, you've only got fifth graders in here as high as it goes. You would think teenagers would have something like that, not a smaller child,” says Sherlock.

He says fear set in when he got a call letting him know that a student brought a loaded gun to his daughter’s elementary school.

“That’s not something that needs to be taken to school. It’s dangerous,” says Sherlock.

David Gowan says the Bibb School District shares.

“It’s always concerning if we have a gun in a school. It’s an extremely rare event, but I’m proud our staff activated the protocol,” says Gowan.

Gowan says a fourth grade teacher heard several students talking about a gun, so she initiated the school's emergency response protocol. That is when he says several emergency units came.

“The gun was in a jacket and it was isolated in the classroom,” says Gowan.

Gowan says two students handled the gun and three knew about it. That is why Stephanie Hartley with the school district says they want to raise awareness on gun safety.

“Talk to parents about making sure that your guns are locked up and that you're talking to your kids, that they’re talking to administrator when something is going on,” says Hartley.

It's a discussion Sherlock says he is making sure he has with his daughter.

“Tell her everything I know. I mean, I’m a Vietnam combat vet. I know what guns can do,” says Sherlock.

Gowan says no one was injured. He says they are still investigating the students' punishments, but he says that is private information.

According to numbers from the state Department of Education, guns are seized at Georgia public schools statewide about once every school day.

In Bibb County schools, this is the seventh gun incident in the last three and a half school years, but the first at Rosa Taylor.