Jones County deputies arrested five people in connection with an LSD-type drug being taken by some Jones County students.

The Sheriff's Office says the drug, also known as a "stamp,” was being sold near the Jones County Achievement Academy.

When Jennie Henderson heard Jones County students were taking an LSD-like drug, she says she felt shocked.

“You don’t really hear a lot of stuff like that. It's not a big town, but we're pretty small here,” says Henderson.

Henderson says she is concerned because her oldest daughter is a junior at Jones County High School.

“That's always been my biggest fear with kids is drugs because they’re so addicting,” says Henderson.

Even though they have only found the drug at the Jones County Achievement Academy, Sheriff Butch Reece says parents like Henderson should be cautious.

“If we don’t see it at the school, we may see it at the ball park, we may see it at the Dairy Queen. So all schools should be concerned,” says Reece.

Reece says they have arrested five people charged with selling the drugs to students. They are 21-year-old Aaron Devin Kimbrough, 21-year-old Laura Nicole Sellers, 17-year-old Dylan Michael Thomas, 23-year-old Aaron Michael Gaultney, and a 15-year-old juvenile.
“Two 21-year-olds and two 23-year-olds that were supplying it to the 15-year-old who was supplying it to some other school children,” says Reece.

Reece says so far they have found about 2,200 stamps containing the drug and there could be more out there.

Reece says two students at the academy went to the emergency room after swallowing the stamp, but they are still not sure exactly the drug is.

That is why Henderson says she plans to talk to her kids about the drug.

“Just to be very cautious and just to be very careful,” says Henderson.

Henderson says she even plans to talk to her 9-year-old daughter because the drug stamp looks so similar to a cartoon.

Reece says he expects more arrests, and he says they are interviewing people at other Jones County schools.

Reece says they are sending the drug to the GBI crime lab to learn more about it.