24 hours after the Bibb School Board talked about closing a few elementary schools, parents are talking. Some are open to the idea, while others say, "Not my school."

Jordyn Fluellen loves playing with her brother in their front yard, and it's right down the street from where she goes to school at Riley Elementary.

“It’s just like a two-minute walk away,” Jordyn’s mother Juanita Fluellen said. “She usually gets driven to school by her dad in the morning. Some days, we walk and pick her up from school.”

On Friday, she learned that Riley, Brookdale, and L. H. Williams are all underused according to the district. They cost about $2,000 more to operate per students then other schools in the district.

Those three schools are the ones the board is currently looking at for consolidation or closure.

“It was like, 'How are they just going to close the school that’s just right here in the neighborhood?'” Fluellen said.

Bibb Superintendent Curtis Jones says they are looking at the data, but there are other things to consider than just numbers when closing a school.

“Looking at the impact of the value of a school to a community,” Jones said, “If a school is not there, how can that damage a community, or if it remains, how can it continue to help a community?”

As for Fluellen, she has some concerns.

“I think it would be a hardship on a lot of parents if the school did close,” Fluellen said. “I think a lot of parents would have the same concerns as I have as far as their children being placed in a classroom with a whole lot of extra students.”

At the board work session Thursday, there was no mention of increasing class sizes, just changing buildings. That brings Fluellen a little peace of mind.

“I'm open to it, but again, it goes back to her education,” Fluellen said.

Parents will have a chance to voice their concerns at a listening session Tuesday, November 28.

The session is at Vineville Academy and starts at 6 p.m.