Houston County Schools have started their new academic year, but some people have hit a roadblock when it comes to registering their children for school.

One dad asked us to come "see the huge lines and ask them to explain why they've moved registration from the schools," while a mother says it's "the most ridiculous thing she's ever seen in her life" having to come back twice waiting over 17 hours to get her child registered.

Nicole Butler met up with one parent who had to wait almost a week to get her child registered to go back to class.

Damiyah and Justyce are enjoying their last summer day before heading back to school.

Damiyah's mom, London Brown, says they should've been back in school last week, but because they moved to a new address within Houston County this summer, they had to register for their new school.

Brown says registration took not one, not two, but four days pushing them behind.

She was shocked it took that long with an appointment set.

"The line is literally wrapped outside the parking lot, you know, with parents trying to get their kids in school. It's ridiculous," Brown says.

She wasn't the only parent dealing with the long line.

Brown says many parents had to take time off work, and she claims the long wait times and rude staff caused some to lose their tempers.

"It almost got physical in there a lot of times," she says.

Even after you made it through the line, Brown says the wait wasn't over.

"After they received all of my information, it still took them about two hours just to get her registered in the system, and she's a returning student," she says.

Her daughter Damiyah was also disappointed.

She says she was so excited about the first day of school, she woke up early to make a great first impression.

"I had to wake up super, super early and get dressed and wear my new clothes," Damiyah says.

And Brown's niece Justyce says all she wanted was to go to school, not wait in a line all day.

"I swear I was waiting in there for a long time, for like 12 minutes," Justyce says.

So Tuesday, they both are working on their essentials like reading, writing, and packing up their book bags.

Continuing to wait for the day they finally get to head back to class.

Houston County's assistant superintendent, Dr. Richard Rogers, says the volume of students who needed to be registered has increased dramatically.

He says they have registered over 2500 students since the last weekend in July.

Rogers apologized for the long waits and says they are brainstorming new ways to help better prepare for next year.

That could include adding more staff members and giving parents the option to upload documents online.