Former Bibb County school superintendent Romain Dallemand pleaded guilty in Florida to tax evasion, including failing to report a $100,000 bribe.

Former Bibb County school board member Jason Downey says people have questioned him for years.

“Why are you all still on a witch hunt? Why are you saying this person did that and this person did that?” says Downey.

Downey says he spoke up against former Bibb superintendent Romain Dallemand trying to expose what he saw as corruption.

“The harassment that I received taking some of the stances that I did, I realize that I tend to be a very vocal individual always have been always will be,” says Downey.

“So when Downey found out Dallemand pleaded guilty to tax evasion," says Downey. He calls it vindication.

“It’s a load off. I mean, it really is -- it's exciting, but, I mean, it's mixed emotions,” says Downey.

Downey is not alone.

“This is a kind of a bittersweet day for Bibb County and the Bibb County school system, and right now, I just don’t know what to think. I’ve got some mixed emotions about it,” says school board president Lester Miller.

Miller says this is just the beginning.

“If you look at the indictment, you'll see some people named that's not indicted, so I think we could see some more players in this arena,” says Miller.

Both Miller and Downey say now the school board can move forward.

“Our school system is on the road to being better,” says Downey.

I reached out to school board members Thelma Dillard and Ella Carter but did not hear back, and former member Tom Hudson declined comment.

Dallemand faces up to three years in federal prison. His sentencing has not been scheduled.