Many people have turned to religious leaders to find encouragement this week following the Las Vegas massacre.

Pastors from around Macon who say they're doing their best to comfort people and remind them of God's love.

On Tuesday afternoon, Macedonia Baptist Church Pastor, Eddie Smith Sr., prepared to record his weekly online message. But this week he has a little more on his mind than normal.

"When things like this happen, sometimes people almost give up, and if you give up hope, what do you have left?" says Smith.

Sunday night bullets rained down on a crowd of 22,000 people at a country music festival in Las Vegas.

It's been deemed the deadliest massacre in modern US history, killing at least 59 people and injuring hundreds more.

Jimmy Towson and Jeff Cook are the head and associate pastors at Mulberry Street United Methodist church.

"How do you understand it, or try to understand it? And from a faith perspective, that's challenging sometimes, because you wonder why these things continue to happen," says Towson.

As Americans wrap their heads around the tragedy, many of them are turning to faith.

"We have to be available to counsel, to pray with, to help people process these tragedies through the lens of faith," says Cook.

"Scripture talks about how Jesus wept and I think that maybe God is weeping a bit with us now," says Towson.

Since Sunday's tragic event, many Americans have allowed doubt to permeate their faith. Pastor Cook says he's encouraged people in his congregation this week to remember Christ's word.

"Don't be afraid to cry out to god right now. God is a big enough God to shoulder whatever emotion is coming from us… I encourage you to hold on to the message of the cross and to know that God loves you," says Cook.

But what can Christians and Americans do during this dark time in our nation?

"We look at the first responders, the fire and the ambulance and police, but as people of faith we out to be first responders too. Our first response ought to be to pray for those who have been involved in such horrific events," says Towson.

And Pastor Smith agrees, saying prayer will travel where it's needed.

"Prayer is a powerful tool and prayer can move from here to Las Vegas or wherever the families are," says Smith.