Peach County High School principal Ken Hartley formally submitted a letter to GHSA Director Robin Hines Monday morning after a controversial call was made in the 4th quarter of the team’s 3-A title game on Friday.

The first portion of the letter addresses the actual call itself.

The play in question occurred late in the quarter on a 4th down with under 4 minutes to go in the game with the Trojans trailing 10-6.

Senior quarterback Antonio Gilbert “completes” a pass to sophomore Noah Whittington who appears to catch the ball and take several steps before reaching out and crossing the goal line.

The ball is loose once he hits the ground and the official covering the play signals incomplete pass, turning the ball to Calhoun with about 3:33 left in the contest.

Peach County did maintain another possession later in the game with about 1:24 left but would not move the ball successfully before turning the ball over on downs and Calhoun kneeling to end the game, 10-6.

Hartley writes, “To the amazement of everyone in the state of Georgia, the referee did not award Peach County a touchdown but ruled the pass incomplete. For a championship game to be decided like this by one official is unacceptable. In a game of this magnitude, there should have been consultation among officials.”

The letter then says that if the call is not appealable, then the school would like to go before the GHSA Board of Trustees to plead their case.

You can view the letter below

Letter to GHSA - Peach County vs. Calhoun 2017 State Championship Football Game by 13WMAZ on Scribd