Dozens of fans came out to support the Peach County High School Trojans after finishing as runner-ups in the football state championship.

After fighting hard to add 2017 to their wall of state title victories but coming up short, the team held a parade Saturday morning in the teams honor to celebrate their 13-1 season.

Many of the senior players say the community's support for the team has meant the world to them!

"I mean it's very important cause it's my last year and I didn't really get to experience the actual feeling of winning so just all of the love and support all the whole community supporting us it feels good," said senior, Ethan Manns.

"You know they've just always been down for us and they always had our back and they've just always been supportive of us and been through the bad times and the good times and we can't thank them enough for being with us," said senior, Jacquez Jackson.

Many fans say they feel like the boys deserve to know they are champions, even without the title to prove it.