Signs of support are continuing to grow for the Peach County Trojans after coming in as the runners-up in the football state championship.

Nicole Butler spoke with the head coach and fans about the outcome of the game and what they are doing to uplift the players spirits.

There's no doubt that the Peach County Trojans had an amazing season, making their way to the state championship.

"You know, football teaches you great life lessons. I mean, you get knocked down a bunch, you can stay down or you can get back up and fight, and that's what life's all about -- how you respond, how you get up to challenges, and how you face adversity," head coach Chad Campbell says.

It's something they know about all too well.

After fighting hard to add 2017 to their wall of state title victories but coming up short, Coach Chad Campbell wants to do something special for his crew.

"We just want to celebrate the year's accomplishments of the kids by giving them a parade, you know, letting the people in the community how much we appreciate them being behind us through all of this," Campbell says.

"I mean, in our hearts, I'm pretty sure everyone sees them as winners because them boys played their hearts out, and for it to get taken like that, just is a stab in the heart almost, you know?" fan Jose Cedillo says.

Many fans feel like the boys deserve to know they are champions, even without the title to prove it.

"They got out their blood and sweat, and to get to the end to get robbed, I wish there was more we can do than just a parade for them," fan Darrell McCrary says.

After a loss that weighed heavy on their hearts, the community hopes their support uplifts the team.

"In my heart, they are champions, they're our champions, and we are behind them 100 percent," McCrary says.

The parade will be starting at Festival Park on Railroad Street at 11 a.m, so come out and meet the players and share in celebrating a great season.