Signs of support can be found around Peach County this week after a tough loss at the Georgia High School Football state championship.

"In class today, the majority of the football players were talking about how they felt robbed," says Maleah Flourney, a senior at Peach County High School.

Late in the fourth quarter of Friday's AAA state championship game, Senior quarterback Antonio Gilbert threw the ball to sophomore Noah Whittington, who appears to catch it and take several steps before reaching out and crossing the goal line.

"He caught the ball, he ran a couple of yards, then he broke the plain. Touchdown. Touchdown. They earned it," says Vanette Howard and Rosetta Perry, both Peach County fans.

The ball came loose once Whittington hit the ground and the official signals incomplete pass, leaving the Trojans trailing 10-6 with under 4 minutes in the 4th quarter.

"He actually caught the ball, so how they called that incomplete? I don't see it," says fan, Victoria Neal.

"Everybody makes mistakes, but that was clearly a touchdown," says fan, Delwyn Hillsman.

"I thought like we really had the game and they cheated us out," says Peach County student, Davien Walton.

It was hard to find anyone who disagreed, but what do these fans want to see next?

"Even if they have to go and play again, I just want justice for those kids, because they really did work hard," says Neal.

The school hopes to get a chance to plead its case in front of the GHSA in the near future.